Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sun in January

When the sun breaks through the rain clouds in January, one must act quickly to take full advantage. Within 20 minutes I was changed and ready to ride for a short training ride. I've been looking at setting up a 100k training route around Olympia that might look something like this. I decided to go scout out Steamboat Island and see how it would look to ride for a permanent. This was the first ride I have done in months that didn't require a rain jacket. It was a little windy down along the water, but it just offered a fast tail wind on the way home. The Olympics and Rainier were both out (not obscured by clouds) and the sun was just setting over the Black Hills as I reached the bridge onto Steamboat Island. I got back into town just at dark feeling reminded that spring will come eventually and the sun will shine again. Hopefully I can get the details of a 100k permanent together so the south sound rando riders can have a ride to boost some miles and get in shape for the busy coming year.

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