Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Some people ask why we decide to spend hundreds of hours riding our bikes to strange far away places like Concrete, Farmer and Brooklyn, Washington. We eat more food a gas stations than is recommended by any nutritionist and drink more Perpetuem than most people can stomach. Well the answer is: the little shiny awards. Like grown up Boyscouts, we work hard to build up our miles just for the shiny little trinkets to show off to our friends. 

For 2009, I decided to tackle the award for the "ambitious randonneur" and complete the American Randonneur Challenge. I wasn't going to let the fact that I hadn't finished even one 1200k ride, let alone 2 1200k rides get in my way. After a busy and successful summer, I earned the award after completing both the Gold Rush and the Last Chance 1200k. 

To prepare myself for these events, I decided to ride as many brevets as possible. These miles brought me to the total of the 8,000 km. Anxiously awaiting the post man ever day, a box finally arrived for me and now have a new spot on the bookshelf. 

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